Liam Payne Says He Didn't Reactivate One Direction's Instagram


The 13 year old fangirl in me was completely revived recently when One Direction's Instagram account was reactivated for the first time in years. Since the band announced their hiatus *cough cough it's been way longer than 18 months cough cough* in 2015, nothing has been posted on their Instagram since May of 2016. And although there are still no new posts, eagle eyed fans took notice when someone on One Direction's account liked Capital FM's photo. The photo was announcing One Direction as the winners of Capital's Best Fans Award for the FOURTH year in a row.



The recent activity on One Direction's Instagram account has fans wondering which sneaky member of the band is lurking on the account. Liam Payne, who has been outspoken about an eventual 1D reunion in the past, was an immediate suspect. However, in a recent interview with Capital FM, Liam confirmed that he was NOT the one who lurking and liking on 1D's Instagram. When asked who the culprit was, he stated "I don’t know actually, I don’t know if I remember the password for that.”



The activity on One Direction's Instagram has spurred rumors of a possible reunion in the near future. While all the band members promised in 2015 that they would eventually be back, they also promised that the hiatus would be 18 months -- and we all know how that turned out! Although it's fun to theorize that the band's activity on social media is a secret hint to their awaiting fans, it could also be nothing more than what it appears to be - a like on Instagram. Despite all of our hopes, it doesn't seem like a reunion is happening any time soon. Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan have all began successful solo careers and Liam recently voiced his frustrations about constantly being asked about a reunion on Twitter. As much as I want a reunion, I'm perfectly fine watching all of the guys prosper and find success on their own --- but I still wan't to know who was creeping on Insta!

Who do you think reactivated One Direction's Instagram?



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