Have You Ever Put Your Ex On Blast On Social Media?

At 1:45 Maxwell talks about everything he didn’t do over the weekend and Raven talks about spending time in Ohio for Easter in “Status Update.” At 5:45 Maxwell poses the question, “Would you pop a pimple for your boo?” in What Would You Do For Your Boo. At 10:40 Raven shares some “Game of Thrones”-inspired pickup lines you can use on your next Bumble match. At 15:19 Raven reads a Please Advise email from a listener who wants to know if she should breakup with her boyfriend who’s addicted to playing video games. At 20:50 Raven and Maxwell talk about NFL player Danny Amendola’s shady Instagram post about his ex, Olivia Culpo.


Next week on the show: We talk about women cashing in on guys in the digital age.

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