Here Are 5 Ideas Of What Taylor Swift Might Be Launching At Midnight

Cue the *Taylor Swift Voice*

Are You Ready For It?

Taylor Swift has been giving us clues and speculation about this "4.26" date for almost a month now. As soon as the Shake It Off singer posted a countdown, my friend was literally crying in the club. I'm not joking...

After a month of speculation we are less than 24 hours away from the launch of something BIG...No one knows what she's releasing but what I do know is that the Swifities are READY for this big reveal.

Whatever it is, we are SO here for it Tay!

So...In honor of the new Taylor Swift era that is upon us, here are 5 possible ideas of what she might be launching at midnight tonight:

1. A Clothing Line

Taylor has recently been seen in NYC sporting a sick shirt with her name written down one of the sleeves. Could this mean were getting a new Taylor Swift merch line?!


2. A Home Decor Line

She recently posted a photo of some aesthetically pleasing picture frames and we all know that Taylor really loves home decor. Taylor takes so much pride in the way her house is decorated. (Can you blame her?) And if this is it, you already know I'll be waiting on that waitlist for years if I need to in order to get a Taylor Swift designed couch!!


3. Cat Couture

If you're a Taylor Swift STAN, you are well aware of how big of a cat lady Taylor is and how much she loves her two cats, Meredith and Olivia. Knowing Taylor, you wouldn't be surprised if she launched a new cat clothes collection in honor of her furry friends. She posted a photo of her cats (like she does every other day) and I wanna believe this is true.


4. Taylor Swift Jewelry

The Blank Space has been posting what looks like jewelry and other diamonds on her Insta since she released the big date, 4.26. She has amazing style to begin with and if she creates jewelry that she rocks on the red carpet then count me in. Here are a couple pics she posted that makes me think it has to do with jewelry of some sort:


5. A T-Swift Bag Collection

Lastly, Taylor posted a photo of a collection of bags that I wouldn't mind strutting around with on my shoulder down the street.


Whatever Taylor is releasing at midnight, I am absolutely here for it.




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