NCT 127 Chats With Maxwell About First US Tour & New EP 'We Are Superhuman'

NCT 127 is an acronym for Neo Culture Technology with the number 127 representing the longitudinal coordinate of Seoul. This group is taking over the U.S. but making a pit stop at the Z100 studios to talk Marvel, their song Highway to Heaven, and who in the group would freak out the most if Kim Kardashian walked in the room.

While explaining the meaning behind, NCT 127 explains that just like their song Superhuman it has an "optomistic vibe to it. The message in the song is to tell people that you can step away from your stress in real life, enjoy and really take the 'highway to heaven' in what you want." This isn't the first song the group has done completely in English, and we are certain it won't be the last. "NCT is all about being global... every time we sing an English speaking song everyone has a lot of fun and we hear that in the song, and that's what really gets me excited," says Johnny.

Watch their first ever interview at Z100 with Maxwell below!



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