Apparently We've All Been Playing UNO Wrong

I'm going to be honest... I don't think I've ever read the UNO rules so yeah, I've probably been playing wrong. But apparently we've all been playing wrong for over 50 years according to UNO's official Twitter.

I think that UNO was fed up with everyone playing their game wrong and deciding to drop some big news on us on Twitter. They said, "If someone puts down a +4 card, you must draw 4 and your turn is skipped. You can’t put down a +2 to make the next person Draw 6. We know you’ve tried it."


The game which was invented back in 1971 is not looking to play games with us. It's not even worth it trying to debate the rules of the game with UNO's Twitter. Lots of people have been asking if you put +4 after another +4 and wait til you see all the replies!


Now I just want to share some UNO memes that made me laugh.



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