Mabel Determines If Ross And Rachel Were Really 'On A Break'

Don't Call Me Up singer Mabel stopped by the Z100 studios to prove her obsession of the TV show Friends. With her debut album High Expectations coming July 12th, Mabel has plenty of time to binge her favorite shows on Netflix. Just kidding, Mabel is working like crazy right now, but she is Friends obsessed so we just had to test her skills.

The 23-year-old singer's knowledge is put to the test in some Friends trivia. After answering a few softball questions we asked Mabel the most controversial question of the show... Were Ross and Rachel on a break? "This one's deep," Mabel says after reading the question. For those of you who don't know, Ross, played by David Schwimmer and Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, were dating on the show for exactly a year when SPOILER ALERT, the decided to go "on a break." Ross then slept with someone else (the girl from the copy place) less than 24 hrs after this "break." Ross claims they were broken up, while Rachel says he cheated because they were just on a "break."

"I mean they were technically on a break," says Mabel about the controversial story line, "but what he [Ross] did was unforgivable."

Will Mabel answer the other questions as smoothly? Watch her play Friends trivia below and her full interview with Maxwell!



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