Switzerland To Open ‘VIP Bedroom’ Cinema

Netflix & Chill?

Switzerland is taking Netflix & Chill to a WHOLE different level. On May 9th, they opened up a 'VIP Bedroom' cinema which offers a bedroom like environment for movie-goers. The theater will have eleven, freshly-made double beds equipped with adjustable headrests that could be controlled electronically.

Their motive is to create a home-like experience and push people to continue going to theaters rather than staying home and binging on Netflix movies. The CEO of the VIP movie experience, Venanzio Di Bacco told a local Swiss news station that, "The hygiene aspect is very important to us." He ensured concerned customers that each bed is freshly made before each movie screening. He also addressed that the theater will not be a place for inappropriate activity and immoral behavior. Hmmmm....Okay lets see how that turns out.

Anyways...The price to lay in a bed with a cool "VIP Lounge" name to it....(which you could literally do at home) is $48.50 which includes free snacks and drinks. Okay, free food...you got me there.


For kids:

There's a children's cinema which includes, GET THIS: a slide, beanbags, and a ball pit with the price of $14.50. Um, screw the beds give me the ball pit, bro!!

So moral of the story, ALWAYS choose the ball pit.



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