Fans Guess Who Might Be Featuring In Ed Sheeran’s New Song

Continuing with the collab streak that Ed Sheeran has going on, after releasing, I Don't Care featuring Justin Bieber he just recently posted a photo via Instagram announcing a brand new single coming our way. With the same artwork as the Ed & Bieber song, Ed revealed another single which hints at a collaboration with two other artists.

Take A Look:


The caption reads, "Can you guess who's on the next one? x" . There is no date on when the song is being released but the name of the (probably going to be a) bop is revealed to be called, "Cross Me."

The song seems to be featuring two artists and there are TONS of guesses about who might be on the track.

Shawn Mendes? Taylor Swift? That would be a DREAM. In the meantime, while we wait here are some guesses about who might be singing alongside Ed!!

Shawn Mendes & 5 Seconds of Summer?


Taylor Swift?


Chance the Rapper & Bruno Mars?


I think this is the winner!!

Ed posted the most obvious clue.

Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock

Check it out:


WOW. This is going to be E.P.I.C. I can't wait!



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