Halsey Explains The Significance Of The Number 17

Halsey joined us in studio with DJ Maxwell! She talks her new single, Nightmare, a song that harnesses the pop star's outrage, where Halsey expresses her anger about the state of the world around her. "I've tasted blood and it is sweet," she sings over the melody. There is a reason behind everything she does and everything that has to do with the number 17.

She explains to Maxwell that it’s a number that has meant something to her long before she was famous. “It's a special number, I have it tattooed on my hand,” says Halsey about 17. “It kind of appeared in weird places during times of like need… or if I’m looking for a sign…. Maybe it’s total B.S. but for someone whose life changed very quickly when I was a teenager it’s nice to have something to believe in and look to.”

Halsey continues saying she inserted the number into dates surrounding her song release, show dates, etc. “I’ve always used it in our releases,” she continues saying, “The tickets [for Webster Hall] went on-sale at 5:17pm, which was a hint that ‘Nightmare’ was going to be coming out on May 17th. The tickets were $17.17, and the shows were on May 8th and May 9th, and 8+9 is 17, AND 5/17 in military time is 17:17.”

Well the good vibes behind 17 worked because Nightmare is a total jam! Watch Halsey’s full interview with Maxwell above!

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