Happy MEMEorial Day | A Summer Meme Compilation

Happy Memorial Day! Today is a day for us to honor those who have bravely served our country and died protecting our freedom. But for most Americans, Memorial Day Weekend also marks the official start to summer! Every year, the last weekend of May is filled with "firsts" - the first pool parties, first beach trips, and first barbecues of the season. In honor of the official kick off of summer, I've curated the some of the best memes to get you in the mood for Summer 2K19!

FOMO is the worst in summer...


I'm not gonna act like I didn't literally do this yesterday...


Expectation vs Reality


MDW = Time for demon bugs to return


Summer is honestly so detrimental to my bank account


Summer 2019 will literally just be 3 months of me mourning the GoT finale


How old is too old to run through a sprinkler on your front lawn? Asking for a friend....


Godspeed to all the parents out there. Summer Is Here.



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