People Are Betting On What Drake Will Do During NBA Finals

As we all know, Drake is the WORLD'S BIGGEST Toronto Raptors fan. The rapper, who was officially hired by The Raptors as a global brand ambassador in September 2013, has become known for his EXTRA AF sideline antics during NBA Playoffs over the past few weeks. His enthusiasm for The Raptors over the course of the postseason has been unmatched and he's practically become the team's personal hype man. Obviously, the team is basking in the four-time Grammy winner's unwavering support; so much so, that they presented Drake with a custom jacket jersey before Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks earlier this month.


Drake's sideline antics have become such a staple in this year's NBA postseason that people are actually betting on what he'll do during the NBA Finals when they start tomorrow, May 30th. Alongside normal bets on players, scoring, etc... has added a series of prop bets regarding Drake's possible sideline shenanigans. Bettors can wager on "Drake's tattoos, hoodies, next album, curse and more" as well as "his social media spats, if he'll come in contact with a player or coach and how much attention he'll get from the ABC broadcast crew."

A full list of the Drake-related prop bets can be found below.

Will Drake attend any Finals game at Golden State (Oracle Arena)?

Yes -120

No -120

Will Drake not attend any Finals game at Toronto?

Yes +425

No -800

Will Drake watch any Finals game with fans at Jurassic Park?

Yes -200

No +150

How many games will the Raptors win with Drake in attendance ("Drake Curse")?

Over 1.5

Under 1.5

Will Drake wear a hooded shirt during Game 1?

Yes -160

No +120

Will Drake get a tattoo of Kawhi Leonard name, nickname or number by end of 2019?

Yes -250

No +190

Will ABC broadcast show image of Drake's "30" and "35" tattoos? (Curry and Durant)

Yes -200

No +150

Will ABC broadcast show Drake give any player a high five during Finals?

Yes +110

No -150

Will ABC broadcast show Drake and Nick Nurse contact each other during Finals?

Yes -120

No -120

Will ABC broadcast show Drake and Kevin Durant contact each other at Game 1?

Yes -140

No +100

How many times will ABC broadcast team say "Drake" during Game 1?

Over 3.5

Under 3.5

Will Drake say "Kawhi" in any track on his next album?

Yes -500

No +300

Will either Drake and Kevin Durant message the other on Twitter or IG during Finals?

Yes -300

No +200

Will Drake troll Steve Kerr on Twitter or IG during Finals?

Yes +150

No -180

Will Smash Mouth message Drake on Twitter or IG during NBA Finals?

Yes -250

No +190

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors - Game Four

However, people betting on Drake pulling some crazy sideline shenanigans may be looking at major losses. Apparently, the NBA has contacted The Raptors regarding Drake's conduct. After Game 4, Mike Budenholzer, head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, told reporters that "he was unhappy with Drake seemingly having unlimited access to the floor." Because of this, Drake may be forced to tone down a bit during the Finals, but I guess we'll have to wait and see!



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