Typo or ANOTHER Easter Egg?? The Internet Responds to Taylor Swift Merch!!

If you missed our iHeartRadio Wango Tango...then you didn't get to party with Taylor Swift and her surprise guest Brendon Urie!! But don't trip, you can catch the highlights 👉🏾HERE👈🏾 orrrrrrr make sure to tune into Freeform tomorrow night (June 7th) at 8pm!! But check out what's got the internet trippin!

Her merch has surfaced and it's either someone's job on the line, or a little clue about her new album. On the long sleeve shirt, there's a word that's misspelled. The apostrophe in "You're" was in the wrong place on the shirt, it is after the "r" instead of the "u." Considering the song has the line "spelling is fun" many people are hopping online to share their thoughts.

Not everyone's merch has the typo, and that kinda has me thinking some things 🤔. After all, we know that Taylor likes to hide different meanings in her videos and songs. There are soooo many secrets throughout here video for "Me!" that I've personally watched the video 13 times (cuz that's her favorite number) to try to find them all. SPOILER ALERT...I haven't found them all. Could this just be another Easter egg??? Who thinks so??? MEEEEE!!!! 🤷🏾‍♂️

Taylor Swift at iHeartRadio Wango Tango (Photo Cred: Wes & Alex for iHeartRadio)


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