BTS and ARMY Celebrate 6 Years Together!

Today, ARMY is celebrating 6 years of BTS all over the internet!

The seven members of BTS came together as a group 6 years ago today after auditioning for Big Hit Entertainment in South Korea...and the rest is history! To help celebrate, here are our 6 FAVORITE things about BTS!

1. ARMY is super dedicated

BTS fans, affectionately known as "ARMY", are SO dedicated to the group. They will always jump to defend the boys, praise them, and support them through their rise to the top!


Many BTS fans have been around since the beginning, but they're always open to letting new K-Pop fans into ARMY.


2. Their lyrics are raw and beautiful

BTS lyrics are packed with emotion and meaning for fans all over the world.

3. BTS and ARMY aren't afraid to make fun of themselves

One of ARMY's favorite things about the BTS boys is their ability to fool around while touring the world! They always make sure to have a little fun and share the silly moments with their fans.


4. They love meeting other superstars from around the world

The BTS boys are no strangers to fame, but they're just like us when they meet other celebrities - they've GOT to take a pic! ARMY is hoping that all of these encounters leads to more collaborations between BTS and other artists!

5. Their Instagram account is GOALS

The official BTS Instagram account is GORGEOUS and worth taking a peek at if you haven't yet!


6. They're always coming out with new music

Up next: BTS' first ever Japanese-language track "Lights" will be released July 3. And for English-speaking fans...a Khalid collaboration is on the way!

A Khalid + BTS track is on the way!

BTS have made their mark on the music industry these past 6 years, and with the help of their dedicated ARMY, the next 6 years will be even better. We can't wait to see what these amazing boys do next!

Happy 6th, BTS!



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