Mark Ronson Teases Camila Cabello 'Find U Again' Music Video

Music producing legend, Mark Ronson stopped by the Z100 studios in New York City to talk about his song Find U Again, ft Camila Cabello. When asked about how the song came together Ronson replied with some sweet words about Cabello.

I was just going there and so basically I had the little demo of this song it was like some chords and a melody that I did with Kevin Parker from tame impala, and I just knew I had to have like sort of this perfect voice on it and I just obviously because Camila is so massive, but like we don't have, like there wasn't a connection between like our groups, and I think I was in New York listening to the radio, listening to z100 hoping to catch a glimpse of 'electricity' like I was on the way to the airport and I heard 'never be the same' come on and I was like "oh that's the voice" like honestly because her voice just like it cuts so hard and she's got like this great, like she delivers a lot of emotion, but it's like it just projects, like Rihanna, like certain people have that voice that cuts through any track, and so I got in touch with her, I said "you know I heard you like sad music," she was like "yup!" and we got it. I sent her the track and she just she put words to the chorus and wrote these amazing verses, she said some of them she had since she was 16 some lyrics, and I just I love this song and it's just such a kind of like little miracle that came together, like you know kind of eleventh-hour for the record and getting to work with her and getting to see what an awesome artist she is working on her record a little bit now and yeah it's it's opened up this lovely thing.

Ronson continues talking about Cabello's 'bars' saying:

I told her! we were making a video - can I say that - well it's too late, so we're making a video last week and I was like 'you know maxwell said you have bars' - because I think, like all artists, it doesn't matter how good you are how many fans you have, whatever all of us just need to hear that every now and then cuz everybody has like, doubt, whatever it is, she dug hearing that, she does have bars!

Wait did I read that correctly? A MUSIC VIDEO with Ronson and Cabello coming soon? Well I just can't wait for that! Stay tuned camilizers! In the meantime you can watch Mark Ronson's full interview with Maxwell below!


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