Twitter Users are Divided About Ranch-Flavored Pop Tarts

Some people think that ranch can be paired with any food, and one Twitter user took this to the next level. Tweeting out "people say you can put ranch on anything," along with an edited photo of ranch-flavored Pop Tarts, he was met with hundreds of negative and positive opinions.


The replies that caught the most attention were from Pop Tarts and Hidden Valley Ranch themselves. Hidden Valley Ranch seemed all for the idea, tweeting to Pop Tarts, "let's have some fun and give the people what they want."


On the other hand, Pop Tarts didn't seem to like the mash-up all that much, tweeting back a simple "lol no." They even responded ranch lover by saying "delete your account, chief."


For everyone who wants to put ranch on everything, you won't be getting ranch flavored Pop Tarts anytime soon. Unless you can change Pop Tart's opinion, you may have to stick to putting ranch on pizza and french fries for a little while longer.



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