Meet the Cast of Love Island's Epic US Debut

If you're a reality TV fan, then you are going to LOVE Love Island! Chances are you have already seen the UK version of the show on Hulu (which is hilarious and steamy, as well as a wonderful snapshot of British humor for the record)! At last, the show is FINALLY coming to the USA on July 9th! You can catch all the drama unfold on CBS.

The premise of the show is as follows: 11 single men and women referred to as "Islanders" pair up based on their immediate physical attractions to each other. Upon getting to know one another, they choose whether to stay together or re-couple with others. As the show continues, more Islanders are brought to the island; they try to convince the existing contestants to leave their current coupling and stray to them instead. Given that single Islanders are eliminated, the goal is to remain part of a couple. The final couple takes home a SWEET cash prize.

So, who can you expect to see grace the show this summer?

Meet the 11 Contestants Here!!


Mallory: This 25-year-old hails from Vancouver, Washington. She wants a motivated and spontaneous guy to keep up with her wild life!

Alana: 21-year-old hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, Alana is looking for a "funny and goofy" guy. Will she find her first boyfriend on Love Island?

Alexandra: Liam Hemsworth is her celebrity crush. No wonder why Alexandra is looking for a romantic, tall man!

Caro: Her name is Caroline, but you can call her Caro. A marketing student in Los Angeles, Caro wants a loving and funny guy. Makes sense her celebrity crush is The Rock.

Elizabeth: Watch out New York City! Elizabeth is an advertising executive taking on the town! Her celebrity crush is Shawn Mendes, which means you probably have something in common with her!

Kyra: A 22-year-old musician hailing from Los Angeles, she's looking for a skater boy. Alexa play Avril Lavigne!


Zac: Zac is a 22-year-old Chicago grocery store cashier! (Sounds familiar, right Grocery Store Joe?)

Cashel: 27-years-old and looking for love, this California model is ready to find a funny girl to hang with this summer.

Yemen: He's the life of the party; he's the real estate agent who gives great advice; he's Yemen!

Michael: This Miami model is crushing on Jennifer Garner. Tune in to see who he's crushing on the Fiji island this summer!

Weston: This photographer built his own house! If you want to win him over, he says all you need is a "great smile".

Can't wait to see what these Islanders do this summer! I'll be watching. Will you?



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