Stranger Things Fans Find Clues in Season 3

It only took a week for hundreds of Stranger Things theories to surface! Season 3 of the Netflix series came out on July 4th, and fans took no time before coming up with theories and finding hidden clues. WARNING: Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers ahead, click away now if you haven't caught up yet!


The Stranger Writers Twitter account added more fuel to the fire when they asked fans to send in their wildest theories, and even said that there was a hidden clue that hadn't been found yet!


Fans flooded the account with replies, claiming they had found this difficult to locate "Easter egg." Possibly the best of the batch has more than 2,500 likes and 215 retweets! One fan found a clue that Hopper may be alive: there seems to be a ladder that could have helped him escape the explosion in the finale. In the words of the Twitter user herself, "giving our favorite chief life."


Another fan found something else that could give us a clue about Hopper's fate. They noticed a drawing of a prisoner that looks A LOT like Hopper on Will's wall. Does this mean that Hopper really is the American prisoner from the post-credit scene that is being held in Russia? We NEED to know!


Someone else noticed a clue that didn't even take place in Season 3! They think Hopper might be trying to communicate with the others in the same way Will did in Season 1. This is because David Harbour, who plays Hopper, changed his Instagram photo three different times to the numbers 6, 1, and 8.


On a lighter note, some fans found a few more playful hidden "Easter eggs" in the new season. One noticed that Eleven now has the poster that Mike had in his basement in Season 1. How cute is that?!


And lastly, someone realized that Suzie had Dustin's hat on her dresser. Could they possibly be everyone's new favorite Stranger Things couple?!

Unfortunately, fans have to wait a while until they find out what theories are actually true. While the Duffer Brothers (the creators of the show) have said that they have more of the story to tell, the next season hasn't officially been confirmed by Netflix, and there's no potential release date.

Until then, fans will just have to keep coming up with theories while they wait to see what really happens in Hawkins, Indiana!



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