Get Free Burgers FOR LIFE If You Get a Burger Tattoo!

Calling all burger lovers! How does free burgers for life sound to you? If you live near Cafe 51 in Melbourne, Australia, it might be a possibility! However, there's a catch: you have to get a tattoo of a burger to get this perk.


The rules are simple, all you have to do is get a life-size tattoo of any burger from their menu anywhere on your body and include their logo somewhere in the image. After this, all you have to do is walk into the restaurant and show them your tattoo. Their website states, "you are then forever art of our #burgerfamily and you qualify to get this burger absolutely free everyday for the rest of your life."


Having a promotion like this isn't out of the ordinary for Cafe 51. They once had a "Ultimate Burger Challenge" which required customers to eat a burger that weighed 2.5 kilograms!

A couple of loyal customers have already accepted the challenge and have gotten burger tattoos. The real question is, are YOU dedicated enough to get a burger tattoo if it gets you free burgers for life? If your answer is yes, head to Cafe 51!



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