9 Things That We Miss About One Direction

Nine years ago today, millions of lives were forever changed. On July 23rd, 2010, Simon Cowell worked his magic and formed One Direction on The X Factor. The boyband later took over the word for six years, releasing five successful albums and going on countless sold out tours. It's already been years since they first announced their hiatus, but fans all around the world are crossing their fingers that their reunion will hopefully come sooner or later.

In honor of the band's nine year anniversary, let's relive some of our favorite 1D moments by listing the nine things we miss the most about the boys.

9.Video Diaries

Something that One Direction did to connect with their fans during the beginning of their career was posting video diaries. These diaries were short videos where they would answer fans questions and basically just joke around. This made viewers feel like they got to know them a bit more. Even though they stopped doing video diaries after a couple years, it's something that fans would LOVE to see make a return when they get back together.


8.Their Friendship

One thing that made One Direction so special was the friendship and bond they had. You could clearly tell that they had a strong relationship outside of the band. They were put together when they were so young and they basically grew up together. No matter how much changes in their futures, they're bound to be brothers for life!


With every song and album release, One Direction always had the BEST photoshoots. Not only were they always set in the best locations and had the boys in the most stylish outfits, they just seemed so fun. You could just tell that each of the members enjoyed photoshoots even though they had done so many, especially because they got to hang out with their four best friends!

One Direction Visits "The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show"


Even though 1D did countless interviews, they were always so fun to watch. You could really learn about their individual personalities and dynamic by watching interviews and listening to their stories. Fans everywhere would just LOVE it if they did one more group interview and talked about what they're each up to now.

5.Music Videos

When it comes to music videos, One Direction never disappointed. They were constantly releasing extremely entertaining videos and they were one thing (pun intended) that fans always looked forward to. Whether they were singing on a beach, morphing into each other on a boardwalk, or getting advice from Danny DeVito, they always had unique video concepts.

4.Their Dance Moves

Even though the 1D boys always said they weren't good dancers, that doesn't mean they never danced. While it didn't ever happen at their shows, they had a few signature dance moves that were featured in their music videos. Now that Liam seems to be embracing his dancing talents a bit more, it would be interesting to see how that would fit into their future reunion!

3.Actually Getting Photos of Them Together

One simple thing that fans always took for granted was getting photos all the boys together, whether it be for photoshoots or just selfies. Since they've gone on hiatus, there hasn't been any photos of them together released! Only a few photos have surfaced of them hanging out separately, but not all together. When they do finally post one, it's quite possible that it may break the internet.

One Direction Live In Sydney

2.Their Tours / Live Shows

One Direction always put on the absolute best performances, which is why they went on countless tours and sold out stadiums. They would always joke around with each other on stage, as well as with fans in the crowd! One tip: when they get back together, they should have a portion of the show where they sing their solo music together.

1.Their Albums / Music

When it comes down to it, what made One Direction so special was their music and all the people their songs impacted. Fans didn't have to wait too long after releases to get new albums from One Direction. The boyband released a new album EVERY YEAR for the five years that they were a band. Basically, this means they have a lot of music. However, it's been years since we got new a new 1D song, and one can only imagine how different it would sound! If it was a blend of all of their solo music, it would be pretty epic.

While celebrating nine years of One Direction may be bittersweet, there's so many fond memories to look back on while we wait for them to get back together. They've said that a reunion is inevitable, so keep your fingers crossed, and maybe it will be sooner than expected! Until then, at least they're all releasing incredible solo music for fans to enjoy!



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