Fortnite Goes Dark???

Fortnite players wait for the next season with a blank screen and black hole in the center. The game’s followers were well aware that season 10 was coming to a close, but no one expected the game to go down with the season.

Yesterday, October 13th around 2 P.M., Fortnite players were confronted alarm sounds, shooting rockets, and glowing beams surfacing from a darkened sky. Explosions and meteors were seen going off and crashing down as players were seen being sent towards the sky. Being high up gave players an aerial of the island’s destruction as dramatic music ensued. The shower of wreckage was concluded with a black hole, sucking all objects, light, and avatars into a swirled point on screen. Players were then mesmerized by a whimsical blue ring, closing off the screen.

Players looking for explanation were left even more confused after checking Fortnite’s twitter almost totally wiped out. The official Fortnite account had every tweet erased aside for a single tweet projecting a live stream of the black hole.

Here are top gamers responding to the inexplainable circumstance:



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