Max & A MunchPak | Episode 1

Ever wonder what snacks taste like all across the globe?

Welp, MunchPak can help you out. They're a subscription service with "Snacks From Around the World Delivered to Your Door" starting at only $9.95 a month. How dope is that?!

And get this, in your MunchPak you even get a 'Travel Guide' filled with interesting facts and cool info about the countries your snacks are from. So not only are you getting snacks but also a history lesson? SICK!

With treats ranging from spicy to sweet, gummy to sour you name it, they've got it.

Check out the first episode of my "Max & A MunchPak" series below!!

And be sure to look out for Episode 2 of my first blindfolded taste-test NEXT Wednesday.


I'm starting this new series called 'Max & A MunchPak' where once a month, I get a MunchPak, (S/O to my people over there) where each week I do a blindfolded taste test and guess what country the snack is from.

But in this episode, I'm showcasing all the snacks filled in my first MunchPak unboxing!

You might think it's tricky but listen...I've been all over the world, except I have the geographical knowledge of a 3rd grader. Just give me a plane ticket, a day, a time and I'll go wherever. Just don't ask me where on the map it is.

I was SO hyped to start this subscription because I'm a travel geek so experimenting things outside of the U.S. is my specialty.

You can check out MunchPak's website here. You won't regret it!



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