This Is Probably the Most Precious Video on the Internet At the Moment

Here's something to lighten the mood on this rainy and gloomy day in the Big Apple.

This video is without a doubt the most PRECIOUS thing on the internet at the moment. Don't @ me, bro. A Korean YouTube channel, ODG released a video of a little Korean boy and an American girl meeting for the first time and I've never seen anything more pure. The video starts out with complete awkward silence. (Kinda like my many first date experiences.)

They start warming up to each other later in the video but they still don't know what to do with themselves and it legit melts my heart. Between the language barrier and the awkward stages of meeting someone new, I needed to watch more.

They then pulled out a smartphone to communicate with one another via a translation app and it really made me realize how resourceful kids are nowadays with our phones...SEE grandma, I told you iPhones were useful!

You have to see this video for yourself.

But, before I let you go watch this I need to share with y'all that I ship these two HARDCORE. Remember I said that, peeps! They need to remake this video in like 10 years because something's gotta happen.

Check out the A D O R A B L E video here



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