Kevin Jonas Gets Cutest Tattoo of Wife Danielle

As if the Jo Bros couldn't get any cuter with the J-Sisters. Kevin Jonas just debuted his newest tattoo of wife, Danielle and my heart just smiled. The tattoo replicates the outline of Danielle's poofy-pink dress from the 'Sucker' video in the scene where she's walking all those PRECIOUS pups. (AKA my favorite outfit in the video.) He took to Instagram to share the ink along with the caption, "Brand new addition to the fam. So proud of this time in our life and getting to remember this with @daniellejonas forever!"


I mean...c'mon!! S T U N N I N G.


And their kids? They are full-blown HEART EYES. The couple shares two little girls, Valentina and Alena who were on tour with their rockstar of a dad and (hot) uncles this past summer before school was back in session. I legit wanna be friends with these girls, they are the coolest!!

I would say I'm the biggest JoBros fan but these two definitely rank up at the top of the list. Fair enough.


Cue the "AWEs" again...

To add on to his collection of ink, Kevin got a tattoo of his girls' favorite stuffed animals in early September. He wrote, "Love bringing reminders of my girls with me everywhere I go!"

But, I can't even get that cute guys phone number at the bar.

Kev, this is an SOS...You need a medal for 'Cutest Dad/Hubby of the Century Award.'


If you live under a rock and haven't seen the music video for 'Sucker' AKA their bomb debut back as a band again, peep it here.



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