Hoodie Allen Takes Over Out 9@9 Countdown

Rapper, singer and songwriter, Hoodie Allen is taking over our iHeartRadio countdown Friday, October 18th. The Long Island native graduated from University of Pennsylvania and started working at Google before quitting that job to pursue his music full-time.

When asked during the countdown how he feels about his fans connecting to his music Hoodie said, "it's it's the most amazing thing like I think that's the thing that is like kept me most motivated and excited about music is the fact that you just you're by yourself you're creating something one day and then months later maybe a year later you're getting to go out and people are singing back your songs."

From Spencer Sutherland to MAX, Hoodie is playing some amazing songs on Z100 tonight. Check out his full interview and countdown with Maxwell below!



Listen to Maxwell from 6pm - 10pm on Z100 for our '9 At 9' Read more


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