Jax Jones Talks Collaborating With Tove Lo, Demi Lovato & More


English DJ, songwriter, record producer and remixer, Jax Jones stopped by the Z100 studios to talk about his collaborating with Tove Lo, Demi Lovato and more! When asked it was like to work with artists like those, Jax capitalized on that collaborating with artists is always a true collaboration. Meaning he doesn't just send out beats to an artists, or a complete song and asks for their contribution. He will sit and work on a song from start to finish with said artist. Here's what Jax said:

I think part of the condition of being a creative is that you always feel like you know you need to push harder there's always room for improvement you feel like your work isn't ready, so when you work with these people I think there's a element of validation you respect their art... saying you know 'I love what you do too' so there's that there's the fact that everyone brings their A-game... even just as a musician in the room together you just when you write the song because I do everything with the personal collaborate in 90% of time it's my ideal we write it together from scratch I don't send out beats like we start from scratch like some Ed Sheeran on the guitar, that's how we do it. Then through that relationship that you make, from that bond you just have a friendship so it's fire.

You can watch Jax Jones' full interview with DJ Maxwell above!



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