Mom Scares Kids With Horrifying Prank and Their Reactions Are Priceless

This has got to be my biggest nightmare...

A mom of two posted a video which was inspired by a similar idea she found on Facebook and I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry for these kids. Either way, its gone viral!

The mother had the cruel idea to purchase a fake tongue pierced to a pair of scissors which makes the image look like she accidentally stabbed her tongue with the tool.

As she lies on the floor, she waits for her son and daughter to come home from school. They get a warm welcome back from a long day at school with this gory image thanks to their mother.

Here's the video provided by the New York Post:


Okay, just a few questions...

  1. What song was the daughter listening to while she screamed in horror??
  2. How could she literally watch her kids scream like that? I FELT SO BAD.
  3. Where's the fake blood @? She could've tried a little harder.

My favorite part without a doubt is when the daughter pulls a "F**** You." That was CLASSIC. Good job, kid!



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