Kesha Describes 'Raising Hell' As A Song For Everyone 'Not Just The Ladies'

Kesha is back with new music and we are so excited about her single "Raising Hell." Even though she teases a lot more music coming, Kesha sprung "Raising Hell" on us Thursday, October 24th.

While in the Z100 studios with DJ Maxwell, Kesha describes writing the song and who exactly it is for. "When I was writing it I didn't really know what was gonna come out because this was like song number 48 or whatever.. I wanted to make a song that was about how you can have a good soul, but like enjoy being a bad bitch. So for anybody out there, not just the ladies, but like anybody out there who's like 'I'm a good person, I like to throw down every once in a while,'" explains Kesha.

The singer continues saying, "I can be like a little bit of like a hillbilly and do crazy shit, but I have a good heart... I feel like people are stuck in boxes and you can't put me in a box I'm too many things."

You can catch her full interview with DJ Maxwell below!



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