HS Teacher & Her Students Celebrate Spooky SZN the BEST Way Possible!

I mean, you can't have a Halloween without MJ's "Thriller" right?!?! First let's talk about the album. One of the greatest albums of all time was almost named "Midnight Man"...imagine what the world would be like if THAT was a thing. And the iconic "Thriller" song was originally titled "Starlight Man"...true story! Songwriter Rod Temperton wrote the music and lyrics, with the chorus:

“We got to make it while we can / You need the starlight / Some starlight sun / I need you by my side/ you give me starlight / Starlight / tonight.” Jones liked the melody, but asked Temperton to come back with something more likeEdgar Allan Poe. The album titleThrillerwas already on the table, so matching it to the song was relatively easy.


We all know how the finished product sounds and since the day the song (and album) dropped in the mid 80's, it's been on the soundtrack to everyone's Halloween parties. And that video...well, it's a timeless piece of art!


Now how dope is this school teacher and her students?!?! I couldn't find too much info on what school this is, who the awesome teacher and her students are, but I do know that my high school wasn't this lit! Did they nail it or what?!?!!



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