Nick Lachey Helped David Dobrik Feel Like An Adult On Set Of New Show

Nickelodeon is launching it's first singing competition show and the judges are A-LIST! We have Ciara, Debbie Gibson, David Dobrik and as the host: Nick Lachey. The show called, America's Most Musical Family, brings talented family bands to perform in front of the judges mentioned. They come from all over the country, performing in any genre. "There's even a marriachi band with an 11-year-old as the lead singer," Gibson adds for context. The winner of the show will get a recording contract with Republic Records and $250,000 cash prize.

While doing press, the judges and host sat down with Maxwell of Z100 Radio to discuss the upcoming season and behind the scenes of the show. "It really is nuts," says Dobrik about the upcoming series. "There was a time where after we were done shooting Nick [Lachey] pulled me into his dressing room and there was a bunch of adults there that were having snacks and drinks," Dobrik recalls, "..and I just felt like a grown-up. I felt like I was at camp and my cam counselor was like 'come on'", Dobrik says as he mimics how Lachey motioned him in.

The four celebrities on the show really do seem like their own family. Maybe we'll see a performance of them all together on Dobrik's vlog soon? Let's put the idea in their head!

Watch Maxwell's entire interview with Ciara, Gibson, Dobrik and Lachey below and catch America's Most Musical Family premiere tonight, November 1st, on Nickelodeon.

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