Max & a MunchPak | Episode 2 Part 2

Episode 2 Part 2 is here!

Yo! It's your certified snackaholic, Maxwell!

Once again, a special thanks to MunchPak! Click HERE to visit their website.

Were back with another episode of Max & a MunchPak Episode 2 Part 2 where I taste what's in this week's MunchPak and what country the snack is from.

Seems pretty simple right? Nah.

Aside from forgetting a blindfold and having to tie my face in a hoodie, I was given some "Max Facts" about the country where the snack is from and they were pretty dope facts but let me tell you, none of them helped me at all.

But overall, this week's pack was FILLED with sweet, salty and sour treats that I may or may not have finished after we stopped recording........

Anyways, see for yourself.

⇩ Check out Part 2 of Episode 2 below! ⇩


And if you missed Part 1 of Episode 2 where I reveal what's in my MunchPak, peep it below!



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