Justin Bieber Might Be Hitting the Road Again Soon & Here's Why

Intern Kali at the moment:



JUSTIN DREW BIEBER is heading back on the road!!!!!

TMZ just reported that a source close to Justin said that he is gearing up for a NEW TOUR and I really can't contain myself.

I'm being so serious. Writing this in the studio right now is killing me. I'm really holding myself back from screaming.

TMZ caught the Sorry singer going into a dance studio in L.A. and is rumored to be rehearsing for his upcoming tour!!

The source also told TMZ that since he has been warming up his newest moves, he could be hitting the road as early as NEXT SUMMER (2020.) WHAAAAT?!?!

He has already hinted towards a new album and TMZ already broke the story that JB's team just filed legal documents to get the name "R&Bieber," trademarked. He recently posted the name on Instagram and is rumored to be the title of his new album!


We've had some hits that features Justin like I Don't Care with Ed Sheeran and 10,000 Hours with Dan + Shay but nothing from HIM.

We haven't gotten a new album from the Biebs in 4 years. Actually, its the 4 year anniversary of Purpose today. It's time boo boo.

He's been teasing the release of new music including the release of a Christmas album if his post hits 20 million likes on Instagram, but still hasn't reached it. (Not like I've been checking daily or anything...) .

Listen, I have been craving new JB music since he took a little hiatus. I am the OG Belieber. Forever & always.

No like seriously the One Time days.

Don't believe me? Here's proof. Get ready to cringe ladies & gents!!!

Justin, if you're listening and need a 'One Less Lonely Girl' for this upcoming tour, sweetie...I'm waiting patiently. Since 2011 and I'm still here... :)



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