Here Is The Most-Searched Thanksgiving Recipe in Your State


Who's ready to feas?!

The only day where I don't have to feel guilty about eating 9 pounds of mashed potatoes!

It's the busiest day in the kitchen but, the only problem is I have absolutely NO clue how to even heat up a Pop-Tart (scary.) I really question how my mother sent me off to college and let me live on my own tbh...

Anyways, Thanksgiving is all about what you're thankful for and without a doubt I am thankful for that BOMB meal every year. Idk man, it hits me differently on Turkey Day. (Also because I don't have to prepare or cook it.)

My job is just setting up the table, easy right? studied all the traditional and popular foods in each state on Turkey Day. For all the people that have the responsibility of cooking the most important meal of the year, House Method created a map of the Most-Searched Savory Thanksgiving Recipe by state!

Here's a little glimpse of what popular Thanksgiving recipes are being Googled in each state:

New York: Salad. (Yeah we're healthy & ish)

California: Yams

Florida: Roasted Turkey

Texas: Dressing

As for the sweets, here are the most-searched Thanksgiving recipes for dessert!

Maine: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Connecticut: Pumpkin Pie

Massachussets: Chocolate

Louisiana: Pecan Pie

To see the full map, click HERE!

Catch me at the dinner table like this on Turkey Day!!



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