$4000 And A Real Bunny For Christmas??

When I was 10 I held a picket strike against my parents for not getting me the new Nintendo DSI for the holidays. Today I realized being 10 years old in 2009 was way different than being 10 in 2019 from an incredible tweet shared by @A_Johnson412 :


I just want to know what she plans on doing with exactly $4000 and when this new brand Guci plans on dropping their slides. I also fully didn't know what essential oils - or should I say asenchal oils - were until like two years ago, so whoever is raising this queen is obviously doing it right! Black Friday's coming up soon, hope her parents are camping outside Walmart and the humane society ready to spring into action the second doors open.

Also her last wish is an alarm clock -- which I think they need to get her in order to wake her up from the dream she was living in when making this list!



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