The Best Baby Yoda Memes!


Baby Yoda is taking over!!

Baby Yoda is appearing everywhere in meme form! The Star Wars character is the latest meme trending on the internet and I'm honestly here for it. (Mainly because he is 10x cuter then the original Yoda, he has ALWAYS freaked me out!!) . Twitter users are even saying Yoda sipping tea is replacing the Kermit the Frog meme!

Baby Yoda just joined the Disney+ streaming service with the newest live-action Star Wars show which features the character as an infant. He has become such a hit that even plush toys including a Baby Yoda Funko are being released!


Baby Yoda has become a meme for pop culture and has shown up all over social media throughout the last couple of weeks and lemme tell you, some of these are suuuper relatable and just plain old cute!!

Check out some of my favorite Baby Yoda memes below!!



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