Here Are the 10 Most-Watched TV Episodes of the Decade

It's that time of the decade where we start wrapping up all that we've accomplished and enjoyed throughout the years. We look back on the best/most popular of music, TV shows, movies and much more that made history within the past ten years.

Before Hulu, Netflix and Disney + were really a thing, in the early years of the decade people always relied on live television broadcasts as their form of entertainment like watching their favorite shows all across the board.

The Hollywood Reporter put together a list of the 10 most watched series that were broadcasted on television including series, award shows, news events and sporting events. This list is SHOCKING because some of the shows I've never even seen before (& I watch A LOT of television.)

Check out the list below.

Most Watched TV Episodes of the Decade:

The #1 Most Watch Episode is...

Undercover Boss (CBS) on Feb. 7, 2010 with a whopping 38.66 million viewers. (UM WHAT EVEN IS THIS SHOW?!)

#2: The Voice (NBC) on Feb. 5, 2012: 37.61 million

#3: American Idol (FOX) on Jan. 12, 2010: 29.95 million

#4: American Idol on May 25, 2011: 29.25 million

#5: Two and a Half Men (CBS) on Sept. 19, 2011: 28.74 million

#6: American Idol on Feb. 9, 2010: 27.91 million

#7: This Is Us (NBC) on Feb. 4, 2018: 26.99 million

#8: American Idol on Jan. 20, 2010: 26.86 million

#9: Glee (FOX) on Feb. 6, 2011: 26.81 million

#10: American Idol on Jan. 13, 2010 26.42 million

I anyone else APPALLED? Not even The Bachelor episode where Colton jumped the fence or when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner live during the Miss Universe competition? Interesting...

If you're interested, check out other record breaking lists of the decade by clicking HERE.

See ya next year, peeps! Intern Kali, OUT!



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