The Bachelor Season 24 Takes Off (Literally) | Episode One Recap

The Bachelor Season 24 Premiere Recap

Bachelor Nation...oh how I've missed you!! It's that time of the year again where I get waaaaay too invested in this show but it is SO worth it!

I hope you popped out the rosé, grabbed some tissues and a pint of chocolate ice cream because Peter has officially taken off. This season is already catching some turbulence and my seatbelt is fastened.

Here's a quick recap of the episode without context:


The Entrances:

One of my favorite parts of the entire season...the entrances. First impressions are everything and some girls nailed it while others honestly should've gotten back in their limo and peaced out.

The Quick Rundown:

There was a cow, a girl coming out of a suitcase, even a windmill (surprise surprise) & that's all you need to know! Oh wait, I HAVE to mention Hannah Brown aka Peter's ex making a special appearance!! She was 'dropping off' Peter's wings he gave her the first night but Hannah was definitely scoping out the ladies competing for Peter's heart.


The Ladies:

You know, each year I think there's hope for me to be a part of the show by jumping off a cliff to win a rose but then the girls of the season arrive and I automatically feel like a potato (as I devoured a burger while watching the episode.)

After meeting all the ladies vying for Peter's heart I already have my top three for the season.

Here they are:



She got the first one-on-one of the season where she met Peter's parents (WOAH) where they renewed their vows and my heart was smiling the whole time. She already seemed like she was a part of the fam.

I already have a feeling she's making it far. Here's why:

-She's an athlete.

-She's a BIG family gal, just like Peter.

-She's a Foster Parent Recruiter (I mean, c'mon)

-She has such great energy!!!

I love this girl!

Next up, Victoria P.


Okay, at first I really thought she was going to be the villain of the season but once she told her story about being her sister's primary caregiver at such a young age, my opinion completely flopped. She even told Peter she's never gotten flowers from a guy before (lame.) Once she walked out of the limo, they did a what she calls her "happy" dance outside the mansion and it was the cutest way to break the ice.


Bachelor Nation even pointed this out mid-episode. Hmmmm. Thoughts?


And lastly, Hannah Ann:


Hannah Ann actually got the first impression rose on night one. I mean she interrupted 3 different conversations that night. Pretty sure Peter just wanted her to stop bothering him for the night, TBH. If you didn't know, Hannah Ann is actually good friends with Hannah G. from Colton's season through modeling! (Interesting)

Only OG Disney fans will understand.




Those are my top three girls of the season!!

Next up, the group date.

Honestly, the group date was pretty lame..

Basically, the girls did some flight school stuff and an obstacle course that lead to the winner flying off into the sunset with the Bachelor himself. Victoria P. touches on her motion sickness and a 'traumatic' experience on the teacups in Disney World. She then pukes in the bathroom after doing this spinny thing.

Anyways, Kelley, who randomly met Peter in a hotel lobby a couple months ago got the rose and I was pretty bored. NEXT!

Now to the GOOD stuff!!

The second group date of the episode involved an awkward talk between the girls and Hannah B. AGAIN. Hannah goes into detail about what happened in the windmill on her season with Peter (Google it for reference) and it was just awkward from there on out!

During the date, Hannah is seen crying backstage to producer and Peter eventually checks up on her. NOW is when things get JUICY!

Here's the thing: Hannah is basically not over Peter and tells him she regrets sending him home. Peter is completely shocked and has no idea what to do. Eventually, after A LOT of crying and mascara running down Hannah's face (and I mean a lot) Peter asks her how she would feel about joining the house. WHAAAAT?!?!


And then, of course the episode ENDS there, thanks ABC! I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen next. Is Hannah going to stay? Is she going to leave? Is she going to wipe the mascara off her face?! We'll see!

Until next week,

Peace, Love & Roses!

Intern Kali :)



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