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Episode 2:

In the words of Camila Cabello, My Oh My, what an episode!! With the amount of tears last night it really put Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River' to SHAME! Lets begin...

Hannah B.

The 'B' stands for BYE!!!

Last week, producers hit us with that painful 'To Be Continued...' and after a looonngggg week of waiting, it continues!! The episode started with what we left off on, that DEEP convo between the Bachelor himself and Hannah B. (the former Bachelorette that sent Peter home because she didn't want him and now realizing she made a mistake.)

Basically, nothing gets resolved and I'm even more confused then last week's cliffhanger. Hannah leaves and Peter ends up cancelling the really awkward date with the rest of the girls because he still isn't sure if he's really over Hannah.


But, the after-party still happens later that night and nothing exciting really happened except for Natasha putting Peter in his place for allowing Hannah to keep showing up. (Something Bachelor Nation was trying to say through our TVs all night.) NEXT!

Cocktail Party

Here comes the juicy stuff!!

Kelsey, the "professional clothier" (whatever that is) plans this whole scene where her and Peter enjoy a glass of really expensive $$ champagne from her home town of Des Moines. She places the bottle and candles over by the fireplace of the Bachelor Mansion and waits for Peter to ~grab him for a sec~ to pop the champagne!

The ChampagneGate

Dun, dun, dunnnn!! Hannah Ann ends up popping the bottle with the Bachelor and things get HEATED. SO much drama, ppl! Kelsey ends up calling Hannah a 'princess' (ouch) and that she knew what she was doing when she sat down and popped the bottle. Kelsey even calls out Hannah right in front of Peter. You're BRAVE, sis!

After lots and LOTS of tears, Kelsey finally calms down and enjoys a bottle (not from Des Moines) with Peter here's moment that officially made it into the BACHELOR HISTORY book:


This is LEGENDARY! It's the most recent meme circling the web and was allll over my friends' Snapchat stories last night! Too funny. Kelsey ends up staying even after all that drama!

Everything Revolve(s) Around Hannah Ann.

We get the second group date which is a fashion show for Revolve, the clothing company that literally every girl from the Bachelor franchise gets a brand deal with. The girl who has the best runway presence gets $20,000 worth of clothing from the store. It was between Hannah Ann and Victoria F. and surprise, surprise Hannah Ann wins a new wardrobe. RIGGED!!

Cocktail Party Part 2:

To sum it up, Hannah Ann tells Peter that Kelsey is bullying her and Kelsey FREAKS out!! The episode ends with Kelsey crying in the bathroom saying, "she can't do this anymore." Sweetie, it's only week 2!

Here are some of the FUNNIEST tweets from last night's episode!!


You know the drill! See ya next week, Bachelor Nation!

Peace, Love & Champagne! -Intern Kali



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