Jake Miller Makes Hilarious "Quarantunes" Series on TikTok


Okay, I am livingggg for Jake Miller's new "Quarantunes" singles on TikTok!!

If you haven't seen them already (which you should've by now) the singer has been creating the funniest and pretty relatable songs on the app while stuck home in quarantine!

Jake has been using items found throughout his house and in his neighborhood to create authentic sounds and catchy tunes to share with fans. He's even joined by his parents and his sister to create an uplifting mood during such a difficult time!

Being stuck in quarantine could be really rough but Jake is making the best of it for the time being and I'm not complaining! Can't wait to see what he does next!!

Click HERE to visit his TikTok page!

Check out his TikToks below and make sure to give him a follow!!

#1: "How Long Will This Last?"

#2: "Take A Walk"

#3: "I Need My 6 Feet"

#4: "Me And My Coconut"

#5: "House Party"

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