Bazzi Explains How To Properly Treat Your Significant Other

He may not be able to come into the studio, but we were able to virtually join Bazzi on the beach in a new interview with DJ Maxwell. The singer just released his song Young And Alive, and it is the outdoor jam that we are all craving during this time in quarantine.

What has Bazzi been up to during the social distancing? “At first it was a bit antsy, but you learn to adjust for sue. Now I’m trying to connect with myself, take care of myself, stay healthy," he tells Maxwell over video chat. During this time, he has evolved his creative outlook on what to do with his music. “We make music, we make art for people. It’s for the world not for ourselves. When the world needs to be spoken to differently, you have to adjust to the times.”

His song Young And Alive, written before the quarantine is all about the freedom to go outside and is the energy we are looking for during this crazy time. “This song, was about the freedom to be able to go outside… It’s so crazy and what every has turned into. I’m glad I created an energy of a song, for people to maybe escape. To feel that youthful outdoor energy.”

Watch Bazzi's full interview with Maxwell above!