My Top 3 in JC - Where I'm Grabbing Drinks To Go During Quarantine

We've all been stuck indoors for WAY too long, but as the warm weather starts to usher its way in, sometimes you gotta head out for a quick cocktail...IF YOU'RE OVER THE AGE OF 21 of course!! Hahaha

Living in Jersey City, I've got a few spots that I like to head to, plus I get to pump a tiny bit of cash into the local economy! It's super important to shop local during this pandemic, so here are the three spots in JC that are getting my $$


I'm not a big beer dude, but when I want a dope selection...this spot is legit!! Now I am a cocktail connoisseur, and they've got some pretty good ones I can snag and bring back to the crib! And the wings at Hudson Hall are pretty legit also!!


This is the best spot for margs and that's all I have to say about that!! Sometimes I want to roll up with a gallon jug and ask them to fill it up! And as an added bonus, these are the best tacos in the state!! Now, you probably know that I'm from Cali, and I know a good taco when I see one. Taqueria has the closest thing to what I grew up grubbing on in San Diego


I like a solid cider, and Würstbar is pretty good at serving 'em up! They've also got Manhattans, Negroni, and Oaxaca Old Fashions ready to go! I've added an extra few bucks to the tip line when I get the bill!!