Tones and I Talks Fame After 'Dance Monkey' And Making New Music

Tones and I joined the Zoom room with DJ Maxwell to talk about her hit song "Dance Monkey," making new music, and filming music videos under different circumstances.

The singer described that after "Dance Monkey" skyrocketed to number one around the world, she never really had the opportunity to process what was going on. She says, "I've actually been feeling really good in lockdown which is weird because I think since everything happened, I haven't had a moment to do anything else. My most frequently asked question was 'what is it like going from these two pieces' and to be honest since that happened I've pretty much been dragged around the world a few times... I guess this is all kind of let me have a second to think about it all and you know it is really crazy."

Later, the Australia native talked making the video for "Ur So F**kInG cOoL" and more! Watch Tone and I's full interview with Maxwell in the video player above.

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