StaySolidRocky Explains Early Life, "Party Girl" + More

Today in the Zoom room StaySolidRocky stopped by to chat with Maxwell about growing up, his music inspirations and the success of his song 'Party Girl.'

"I've been rapping since I was little. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. I moved all over," StaySolidRocky explains to Maxwell, "I've seen all different types of walls." However the rapper didn't know what made him thought of doing music.

The rapper even confesses that when he first moved to Virginia he didn't even want people to know that he could rap. "I had to get comfortable," StaySolidRocky says.

While talking about his inspirations StaySolidRocky was quick to mention Kevin Gates. "Coming up you usually listen to your parents music a lot. When I started listening to my own music, started exploring my own music, I found Kevin Gates and other rappers like that that talked about more emotion and more sensitive topics."

Fresh off the success of his song 'Party Girl,' StaySolidRocky says the song is about "Me singing about the party girl, not the party girl life. Because if you think about it in the song, I'm singing like I can't get to this girl."

Watch StaySolidRocky's full interview with Maxwell above!

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