Jason Derulo Describes Friendship With Will Smith + "Savage Love"

Jason Derulo is joining Maxwell on Zoom to talk all about his success in music, TikTok and his friendship with idol Will Smith.

"It’s been an interesting year for sure. But I guess I’m just utilizing the time at home, for someone that’s never home it’s been nice," Derulo tells Maxwell on his year thus far. Being home has led to Derulo getting creative with the way he entertains and with everything at home he has been able to put together a healthy, creative environment (besides the snacks he's been trying on TikTok).

Now there's a new friendship for Derulo and that would be one with Will Smith. "It's crazy man, crazy," Derulo begins to tell Maxwell, "It’s crazy what it’s seeming from. But I guess creativity can bring people together. The things I was doing here with my family, just caught there attention. One video, led to another video, now we are here. I’m friends with someone that I looked up to that’s still so inspiring to me today. It’s a crazy crazy thing to have the person that inspires you to most, as someone you can just hit up."

Watch Derulo's full interview with Maxwell above!