Olivia Rodrigo Says One Direction Is Her Go To Karaoke Song

Drivers License and High School The Musical The Musical: The Series star, Olivia Rodrigo is joining Maxwell on Zoom to talk all about her hit song as well as her go-to karaoke song!

"After I wrote it and got it produced I would just stop and listen to it in the car," Rodrigo says on her hit song. "It feels really awesome to make something that makes other people feel seen."

Then when asked about Drivers License having a big moment on SNL Rodrigo says, "They actually didn't tell me that Drivers License was going to be on SNL," she was told the song was making an appearance but "had no idea they were going to write an entire sketch about it."

Rodrigo is answering questions from fans next like who her fashion icon is and her favorite karaoke song. "If you ever have the aux and you plat What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction you'll have friends forever," the singer says on the song!

Watch Rodrigo's full interview with Maxwell above!