Black Food Fridays w/ KJ Kearney!!

Black Food Friday is a thing! It's gaining just as much steam as "Taco Tuesday" and we have my buddy KJ Kearney to thank for this awesome look at culinary excellence in the Black culture. Just as the pandemic started to take over, I remember having a conversation with him that quickly blossomed into a friendship! He told me that he wanted to highlight the food and the culture...he wanted to inspire & educate, and that is EXACTLY what the IG account is doing. Throughout the week he shares restaurants from across America and when you take a look at the're gonna wish you could smell through your phone.

If you're looking for food and culture knowledge...he's got it! Fun food facts...he's got those! There are even city guides to dope restaurants in cities like Washington DC & Atlanta! KJ has even launched a TikTok page that's getting HELLA love! Be sure to look out for new additions to the account throughout the week and check in here at weekly as well. And you CANNOT forget to give @BlackFoodFridays a follow on the gram



@BlackFoodFridays on IG

@BlackFoodFridays on IG