BTS Talk 'Love Yourself' Campaign And How 'Thankful' They Are For It

BTS joins Maxwell on Zoom to talk all about being named 'Top Recording Artists Of 2020' as well as their work with their Love Myself Campaign.

Maxwell sat down with BTS last week to catch up on everything including being named the Top Recording Artists of 2020. "We’re really thankful that so many people listened to our music, especially in 2020 when everyone was going through such tough times because of the pandemic." BTS continues, "And we hope that we can continue to return this love to Army as well as many people around the world with greater music."

In 2017, BTS and its label entered a partnership with the Korean Committee for UNICEF affiliated with the United Nations to sponsor a campaign called #Endviolence - "UNICEF’s global campaign aimed at ensuring children and teens in the world lead safe and healthy lives without the fear of violence," according to their site. After this, BTS created their own campaign called LOVE MYSELF "pursuing love and a better place to live for all."

When Maxwell asked what LOVE MYSELF means to them and how they feel about this legacy, J-Hope responds saying, "We’re really thankful for the Love Myself campaign as well as the Love Yourself album releases because it was a chance for us to actually look back to think about ‘Do we love ourselves?’ and it was a learning process for us as well. And there is a lot of things that we gained out of this, so we are very thankful for it." J-Hope continues, "We’re not expecting to make significant changes, so we’ll be satisfied if we can plant the seeds that make a small impact for many people, and that will be a great legacy for us."

Watch Maxwell's entire interview with BTS above!