Sofia Carson Thinks Music & Story Telling 'Can Ignite Life Into Us'

The always wonderful Sofia Carson is joining Maxwell in the Zoom room tonight. The singer's latest song Fools Gold, has made it into the hearts of anyone who listens to it.

"We finished the record in the middle of the pandemic," Carson tells Maxwell, "Every time I listened to Fools Gold it made me happy for three minutes, it made me feel good for three minutes… I think it’s what the world needs to hear right now." Carson is completely glowing talking about this project and her time working on music during lockdown.

"For me personally, in moments where we all felt tired and drained throughout all of this, It’s moments like that in the studio.... where you find it in you to kind of reach down into your soul and tell these stories and it brings you to life." She continues saying music and story telling 'can ignite life into us.'

There's only one word to describe the music video for Fools Gold.... and that is FIRE! The 'fire' video that came out on March 26th premiered to people watching from all over the world. Carson recalls being in the comment section with people commenting from America, Brazil and really all over.

Carson shares her biggest wish with Maxwell when it comes to her music.. "I just wish more than anything in the world that when people listen to my music they hear their story in it."

Do you hear your story is Carson's song? Let us know in the comments and be sure to listen to more of her interview with Maxwell above!