Oh THAT'S How You Say It!?!?! Kesha Breaks Down How to Pronounce Her Name!

If you're a TikTok swiper (like yours truly) Kesha was on TikTok playing around the other day. I kinda laughed at this video because I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE SHE'S TALKING ABOUT!!!

When She first burst onto the scene in Flo-Rida's "Right Round" in 2009...he had this mysterious newcomer on the track that took it to another level! That blossoming new pop star was none other than Ke$ha! I was hella confused because I didn't know if we were supposed to pronounce the dollar sign?? I DEFINITELY called her KEE-sha...I had no clue!!! She has since parted ways with the dollar sign, but apparently people still butcher her name!

Now to her TikTok video...In the video it says, tell me what your name is, and then tell me what people mispronounce it as. In the video, Kesha says, "my name is Kesha. Keh-sah. Not Kee-Sha. Not ketchup. Kesha."

My bad Kesha for screwin' up your name when you first started!!!!