T-Pain Didn't Know About This Instagram Feature! Do You?

T-Pain has been ignoring DMs from celebrities for years...and I can't blame him because I had no clue about this Instagram feature either!!! T-Pain took to TikTok to issue an apology. For 2 years he did not know about the request folder on Instagram so he has been missing tons of messages from celebrities. And the names he showed us on his video are INSANE! I spotted Diplo, the late Nipsy Hussle, Fergie, Viola Davis, and Nickelodeon (I bet that was about Slimefest a few years ago...I was there). In his video, he shows the scrolling list of celebrities who have attempted to contact him.

I have been leaving people in the dark for a hot minute also, so I wanna take this time to apologize...but I didn't know that was a thing!!!! T-Pain later cleared up all of the confusion and his explanation is hella valid. Peep it!