We're FINALLY Getting a Toothpaste Tube That Doesn't SUCK!!!

In "Why are they just now getting to this" news, it looks like we're finally getting a tube of toothpaste that will let us dispense ALL OF THE TOOTHPASTE!! I know I'm not the only one who tries to squeeze every last drop out of the dang thing, right?!?! I mean, I paid for all of it...why toss what's left?? Colgate is partnering with a company called LiquiGlide on a new tube with a coating designed to avoid any waste! Inside the tube will be their special coating that will make it frictionless and BOOM all of the toothpaste will come out!

According to LiquiGlide co-founder Kripa Varanasi, "We are transforming toothpaste packaging, which has been in tubes for more than a century. "We are enabling clear, completely transparent, fully recyclable product that gives a superior consumer experience."